E-commerce is the new normal. COVID-19 outbreak has increased more online shoppers than earlier. E-commerce portals have witnessed a huge surge in volume of customers for major grocery and essentials shopping. In order to maintain health safety following social distancing standards, people are shifting more and more towards E-commerce portals.

In a way, we can say the E-commerce business has seen its most glorious times in decades so much that many new stores are coming up with lucrative offerings. The availability of efficient E-commerce platforms have also given air to this though process of novice online retailers. It has been observed that among the popular platforms, Shopify has ranked good numbers and have stood as a preferential choice among sellers. The simple configurational setup of Shopify attracts users.

Lets uncover some critical benefits of Shopify for your upcoming online store:

Easy Installation

Shopify offers hassle free installation and use. It is indeed a complete package for users with minimal technical knowledge, since, development and hosting needs are taken cared by Shopify itself. Admin interface is user friendly and challenge free. Hence, allows more freedom for craftsmanship.

Mobile Store Friendly

Shopify allows to create mobile optimized stores to offer more access and ease of operation for smart phone users. The platform facilitates mobile responsive themes for effective development of your E-commerce portal.

‘Out of the box’ Templates

Shopify platform has a plethora of templates that speaks volume. These are not only professional by appearance but also has a stint of appeal and exposure that ensures building of a classic online store with minimum supervision.

Payment Gateway Integration

Stripe payment option provided by the Shopify creates its image as the most caring platform that has understood the users challenges involving payment gateway integration. With Stripe, it becomes simpler for the buyers to complete online transactions without any extra charge.

Minimum Loading Time

Shopify offers global hosting. Hence, it promises minimum loading time with maximum speed and zero downtime error which is much needed when you put up an online store.

Reliable and Secure

Shopify is one of the most reliable online platforms for building an E-commerce store, since, with its added hosting facility, it ensures the domain remains online all the time. Shopify being a brand name maintains high ended security for end user’s engagement and benefit at your online store.

27/7 Customer Support

Shopify makes its customer service workforce stand for its users 24/7. Never even for a minute, Shopify neglects its end users. It is a highly professionalized platform that one should start with.

If you are looking forward to start an online store with less or no experience or technical knowledge, then Shopify can help you stand your business online as efficiently as possible. It is the World’s most recommended platforms used for E-commerce stores. Big names like Penguin Books, The Economist, Budweiser, New York Times Shop and more use Shopify today for running their online stores. You should do it too.