The current Corona virus outbreak has brought retail industry on its knees. Customers are changing their buying pattern and shifting base towards E-commerce shopping. To maintain social distancing and remain safe during this turbulent time, people are determined to stay indoors and leverage the power of online shopping while working from their home offices.

With respect to early time, today, E-commerce businesses are witnessing more online reviews from their customers. Due to being more pampered from online shopping sites that offers uninterrupted delivery, customer satisfaction rate is reflecting through their social engagement. Customers are actively responding to promotional and marketing campaigns.

However, Government imposed lockdowns are posing a challenge among the E-commerce industry players to stock up essentials at a futuristic level, although, this situation doesn’t seem to be repetitive. Gradually, these things will improve bringing supply chain and logistics industry back in shape.

The one thing that is going to remain intact is more reliance of people on E-commerce websites for their shopping spree. COVID-19 is not leaving the world anytime sooner and even if does, it will leave its footprints, making people incorporate social distancing as a lifestyle. Hence, E-commerce sites will be busy in managing daily visitors and orders at large quantity.

The major challenge though will remain pertaining to an E-commerce business’ visibility. The more a business will remain in the eye of its customer, the more will it gain online visitors and orders per visitor in return. Therefore, an E-commerce business should run viral marketing campaigns and create a ‘word of mouth’ for self sustainability. Newbies in business should take this piece of advice seriously and be visible to their customers for effective purchasing and online orders.