E-commerce or the online shopping has always been lucrative to people, however, the same had tough competition with physical stores. Most of the time people purchased from E-commerce sites was due to either heavy discounts on branded items or out of being too lazy to go out for shopping or we can say for ‘convenience buying’.

However with the onset of ongoing pandemic, COVID-19, when social distancing became a mandate, E-commerce industry started taking a better shape. Firstly, due to thorough cutdown of competition with physical stores, secondly, due to being a round the clock service for all kinds of buyers.

Amazon’s recent announcement to open 100, 000 new full and part time positions across the U.S nations is an indicative of a surge in E-commerce buying routine. On a similar note, an Amazon India blog is reported to have mentioned that since the inception of COVID-19 Amazon has seen heavy footfall on its shopping site.

During these days, there have been instances when Amazon has gone out of stock. Can you imagine what could have happened to less popular online shopping sites. These have also seen a drastic change in volume of customers in the form of more revenues and ‘out of stock’ shelves.

COVID-19 has made a great impact on people’s buying behavior and have instilled trust for E-commerce purchases. This is the time when E-commerce and logistics should come together furiously to help people realize the power and reliability of E-commerce industry.