Carte Services

R&D and Consulting

R&D – Research and Development is not ideal for large sectors and companies, but it’s for all including small organizations and sectors too. Size of business doesn’t matter to take lead in the market just need to implement innovations, instant adapting new technologies to enhance your company products and services.
Application Square will help you in strengthening of existing projects by updating, adding exclusive features to opt huge success for your organization or developing new services and products by innovative ideas.

Boost your brand and reputation by availing R&D and consulting from Application Square Pvt. Ltd. We also take part in consulting. Our consultants study about your business goals, understands the environment you want to top and accordingly help you to establish your business differently from the competitor.

Project Management

Small or large businesses to make place in market for their products and services need to get and improve the efficiency and productivity of the business. Here comes Project management in the field. It plays a vital role in effective completion of project.

Completing a project facing lot of challenges in front and without proper project management always leads to failure. So Application Square Pvt. Ltd. Company in Nashik will help to make out a clear way. We never wind up to face the challenges but we accept all by helping organizations to reach their business goals.

We have the talented and experienced team to handle, manage the fundamentals of the project from start to end delivery of the project. Our project manager find the proper solution and implement actionable strategies to accomplished the objectives.

Sound scheduling and planning, assigning work to potential and dedicated resources, controlling over budget, consistent in quality, using deep knowledge is all you get from Application Square Pvt. Ltd. for successful execution of project.


Advanced software products require a robust architecture in order to deliver the best performance. Choosing the wrong framework, language, standard, platform, design pattern, or methodology can lead to many headaches down the line, from production delays, to outright failures. Obviously, this translates into wasted time, money and opportunity.

In order to avoid these issues, it’s best to work with an experience consulting service when it comes to architecture. At Application Square pvt. ltd. we understand the importance of starting off on the right foot. We have garnered a considerable amount of experience over the years, working with almost every technical solution and methodology on the market.

Our architecture consulting service is designed to help your development team understand the technical requirements of a product, how to best approach them, and how to integrate emerging trends into the project as it evolves.

Design, UI & UX

In this tech savvy world, to make brand identity, generate new revenue, target right audience and engage customers is important. Websites and mobile apps is the way to reach your goals. Visual designs is a key to get users attention and attract them through digital platform.

In the momentous changing digital world, every one or the other wants to have good appealing designs for their websites, software’s , apps and other web products. A digital world can not survive without designs.

UI and UX are often described as two sides of the same coin, one cannot separate it, as it goes hand in hand. We at Application Square Pvt. Ltd. have good team of UI and UX designer.

An excellent user experience is when the theme is completely understood as per user needs, have a logical flow. Similarly, UI is when your work is visually connected with the theme. So before anyone wish to judge your UI, let your UI well prepared with consistent theme which includes color, typography, and layouts. We specializes in serving both service.


Application Square Pvt. Ltd. Company is located in Nashik providing development service as a full or as a Carte service. Carte service will offer to hire professional dedicated in the respective field. To ease out the work of your organization, let us do development part with smooth and effective set of process.

We endlessly help in to even up with the business goals.
Our strong and dedicated team works on different technologies, for development which includes Website, software, mobile and web based application. We boost our team to meet the lines of deadlines and they maintain a good relation by well coordinating.

Our service is cost effective where resources are distributed to look after respective departments. You can move ahead of your competitors meeting every goal in every situation.
We are truly developed and talented in providing innovative solutions. Our team will support you until you are satisfied with the solution we deliver.

QA & Testing

Every product developed is needed to be tested against end users requirement, user friendliness, UI, functionalities, content, accessibility, load time, various OS platforms, etc. all such parameters are keenly checked and tested prior to release of product.

To make product defect/ bug free, the product is rigorously tested by sets of methods designed on the basis of end users requirement. These crucial activity carried out by QA testing team. Application Square Pvt. Ltd. have skilled QA team which follows STLC methodology to carry out testing process.

Testing plays a remarkable role in the complete business from start to end release of the product. QA is a great tool either done by manual process or automated process where it boosts user experience and customer satisfaction brings more and more profit, ultimately saves money and bring in more productivity and efficiency.

Technical Support

No one can predict what sort of issue will come front on a smoothly running software, or landing page of website unable to load, or any hardware issues. Application Square Pvt. Ltd. is here with best technical support team to find solution for any issue.

Our technical team is readily available to help you sort the issues, problems that struck your software, hardware or any technical rises. Save your precious time and money and leave the rest to us. Avail our on-site and off-site tech support so that customers can get value out of your services and products.

You can completely rely on our technical specialist as they are experience in the field. We never skip out until the complete solution is handed over to you. We make sure we stand with you until the completion of the solution. It is the crucial thing to opt and maintain your business flow. We offer cost effective tech support service available 24/7.