Magento is leading the e-commerce web development market.

WordPress dominates the CMS: Content Management System market and is indeed the best of the accessible platforms. Around 30 percent of websites across the globe are built using WordPress. Hence, in the world of E-commerce websites, Magento is ‘second to none’ e-commerce web development platform for eStores, and also clearly the most famous one out there!

The businesses are delighted to have their eStore to facilitate their customers with an easy purchase of goods, also services at just a click of a button!

Define E-commerce or What is E-commerce?

Wikipedia defines ‘E-commerce’ as – ‘the activity of buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet.’

Oxford Dictionaries defines ‘E-commerce’ as – ‘any commercial transaction conducted electronically on the Internet.’

Merriam Webster defines ‘E-commerce’ as – ‘any commercial activity conducted via the Internet.’

So, now the question is why and how Ecommerce Thriving!

Why is e-commerce booming?

The world of Retailing is undergoing a standard shift with the powerful evolution of E-commerce. There are several reasons for the same; therefore, the most obvious one is the fact that the younger generations are tech-savvy that supports them to operate the smartphones effectively. They use these smartphones efficiently to reduce their efforts. Thus, they have loved buying things courtesy e-commerce websites because they consider that it is the laziest way of purchasing goods and services!

Around the Globe:

E-commerce is reshaping the psyche of consumers by spoon-feeding them the items they want to purchase. Earlier customers had to individually visit the place of the products to able to purchase it. E-commerce has offered customers with luxury to shop on the internet. Furthermore, consumers get to see images of the item or thing they are looking to buy. Moreover, they also get to check the feedback, user ratings, and reviews about a particular product that benefits them to judge the products whether to continue with the action of purchasing or not!

Markets of Europe, the USA, India, and China, are rapidly turning their traditional, old-school way of commerce into the Modern & Advanced media which is ‘e-commerce’. It is quickly becoming the preferred and best shopping method for most people.

Examples of successful e-Commerce websites are Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, and more like Quikr, Snapdeal, Jockey Official, Naykaa, etc.

Every website which streamlines the buying or selling of goods, products or services at the expense of money is an e-commerce website.

Other few examples of e-commerce websites that are built-in Magento by developers are as followed:

  • Xiaomi: A mobile gadget manufacturing company based in China.
  • Samsung: A mobile gadget manufacturing giant from Korea that has captured the mobile market across the Globe.
  • Selco: An e-commerce platform meant to serve the users with hardware accessories and also interior revitalization material!
  • Radley London: UK based manufacturer of purses and party-wear bags!

Somemore Examples of e-commerce websites:

  • Oliver Sweeney: A shoe manufacturing company.
  • Adidas: A global brand of clothing typically sports related.
  • Ford: Established by Henry Ford in the year 1903, it is a leading manufacturer of luxury vehicles.
  • Fred Perry: A manufacturer of tracksuits and gym outfits.
  • Lenovo: Laptop, Desktop, Mobile manufacturers. The giant in the field of gadget manufacturing!
  • Land Rover: They manufacture leather jackets and jackets of all sorts!

Even More Examples of e-commerce websites:

  • Pepe Jeans: They design jeans trousers.
  • Sergio Rossi: A footwear manufacturing firm for women.
  • Bjorn Borg: An emerging brand of sports and related clothing.
  • Liverpool FC: An official eStore of Liverpool Football club affiliated to the English Premier League in the UK.
  • Vizio: The inventor of the top-selling HDR TVs, 4KTVs. further, they are the USA’s No.1 Brand for Sound Bars.
  • Nestle: It is the world’s one of the largest food and beverage firms.

Usually, Nestle is recognized for its dairy products and also frozen food products!

And there are millions of other commercial businesses which have got their eStores built adopting Magento. Hence, commercial enterprises varying from medium to large extent prefer Magento for some reason!

Let’s see what the other countries say about the growing demand for E-commerce websites?

A developer who works on the Magento platform for a web development company across various countries had asked a question that whether there the buzz being genuine of e-commerce websites. To which the developer promptly conveyed that there is a growing demand in the industrial world for eStores.

The entrepreneurs want their business to strike people with satisfaction. Likewise, what could be the better means than a website and a mobile app to reach out to the customer base or potential clients?

Commercial retailers, whole-sellers, and even more people are progressing web development companies across the world for getting their e-commerce website (eStore) developed.

A research carried out in the country declaims for the expanding demand for e-commerce websites, therefore a web development businesses hiring web developers who are proficient in developing eStores!

Furthermore, let’s check the advantages of using Magento-

  • Magento equips enterprises with splendid eStores which are user-friendly and have simple user interfaces.
  • The easy flow of process: Consumers or customers have to understand the simplistic and similarly, friendly step-by-step process for purchasing their desired product or services. Likewise, Magento has helped them get easy!
  • SEO oriented: ‘Magento SEO’ has served to solve several bugs by promoting more conventional SEO of e-commerce sites.
  • Database Administration: Magento has strengthened the awkward process of handling multiple stores with its unique product catalogs and specifications.
  • It has made it into a smooth and also stress-free process for 24×7 hours.
  • Scalability: Maintaining an eye on the future, Magento grew to scale from 1 to a million users.
  • Developers Friendly: With the ever-upgrading web development technologies and also expectations in the world, Magento makes it amazingly easier for all the developers to modernize content, or add pages to the website and also correspondingly link those pages to the other relevant pages.
  • Mobile Version: In the autocratic era of mobile smartphones, Magento Mobile version encourages app developers to serve the buyers with superior user experience and also interface, as people use their smartphones to carry out e-commerce activities!